So here we are. After months of preparation, intensive testing and training under the spotlight we are ready to roll. Tomorrow we'll run our first tram along the route for paying passengers. It's an early start at 5am which is a good thing as everyone is extremely eager to get going - no one wants a lie in.

We're expecting a busy day and we can't wait to welcome our passengers on board.  Trams have been running on the streets of Edinburgh for many weeks now and we've enjoyed the waves, the photographs and the smiles along the route and at our roadshows as people have warmed to us after a challenging construction phase. But tomorrow it all becomes real as tickets go on sale and that's a very different proposition.

Everyone in the Edinburgh Trams team knows they have a vital role to play in a historic moment on Saturday and with that comes responsibility. But what I've seen over the past few weeks is a good team pulling together and honing their skills to become a great team, so I'm very confident that we've got what it takes.

It's important to remember that we are entering new territory again. Trams with paying passengers is a different proposition to empty test trams but the team are trained and ready to cope. In fact, I think they'll excel and I'd like to say a big thank you for the huge effort they've put in to get us where we are.

There will be some bedding in of the new service so a conservative approach to begin with is sensible. That means building in some extra journey time and being cautious with passenger numbers on early journeys but also being patient and understanding with our new customers too as everyone gets used to us. 

I hope everyone enjoys Edinburgh's new tram service. We're delighted to be behind the controls.

Tom Norris 
Director & GM
Edinburgh Trams