Be Safe

We want you to stay safe around trams.

We’ve put together these tips to help you stay safe around trams. Each of our trams hosts life-saving defibrillator devices onboard. 

Make sure to look both ways before crossing the tram tracks.
Trams are much quieter than other vehicles. You may not be able to hear a tram until it’s very close. Listen out for the tram bell. 
walking near tram gif
Use pedestrian crossings and wait for the green man. Look both ways before you cross. 
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Remember, Edinburgh Trams don't work on green and red traffic lights. Our trams have to go when given their vertical light signal.  
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Tram vehicles are wider than their tracks and take longer to stop than you might think. Give them plenty of room.
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Keep an eye on your children and hold hands when crossing the tram track and when using the tram.
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If you’re not seated, please grab a handrail. 
Tram on princes street
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