Pedestrians are being asked to take extra care around trams as the City gets used to the presence of the new vehicles on the road. 

An incident on Princes Street on Wednesday resulted in a girl being knocked down by a tram.  The driver applied emergency brakes and the girl walked away with no serious injuries.

Edinburgh Trams Director and General Manager Tom Norris said:

Trams are big and quiet but they’re also new so everyone needs to get used to them.  If wearing headphones, on your mobile, chatting to friends or wearing a hoodie, it’s hugely important to take extra care when crossing the road.

Our drivers are thoroughly trained to safely interact with other road users and it’s rare that they have to apply the emergency brake.  I’m pleased that our driver reacted very well and his quick thinking prevented what could have been a much worse incident.

Please continue to take care.

Edinburgh Trams has safety advice online and safety advice videos are available.  A major safety campaign got underway last autumn when on street testing began at Edinburgh Park.  This was then extended when testing began in the city last December.