Working with I Am Me Scotland the tramway have agreed to provide free advertising on their trams vehicles as well as familiarising their staff on their Keep Safe contact cards.

The Keep Safe cards are available to all members of the community and details information about communication requirements, health concerns and who to contact in an emergency.  Anyone needing assistance can enter a Keep Safe place and show their card.  Staff members will be able to assist or call the named contact person on the card.

Eileen Maclean, Chair of the Board of Trustees of I Am Me said:

“The Charity is extremely grateful to Edinburgh trams for advertising I Am Me and keep Safe.  We hope that tram travellers might learn something about disability hate crime and where they can get information or help for themselves, their friends or family.   Sadly disability hate crime exists but we can all help to stop it and make Scotland a more inclusive place to live and visit”

Michael Powell, Safety and Standards Manager for Edinburgh Trams said:

“Last year Edinburgh Trams carried 7.3 million customers, and the safety of every customer is paramount.  Working with I Am Me we can ensure that our customers can travel confidently and safely, as well as promote the important work that I Am Safe does.”

The initiative which is scheduled to be rolled out in March will have leaflets available on the trams providing more information and also how to sign up for a Keep Safe card.