The operator of Edinburgh’s acclaimed tram network is joining forces with international tech campaigners to help students in the developing world to learn life-changing digital skills.

Edinburgh Trams is backing an initiative by the Turing Trust that aims to promote e-waste recycling across the UK, while also offering technology options for schools and training facilities in Africa.

With the support of its IT supplier Siemens, the operator is set to donate high-performance equipment, including standalone devices and other essential IT equipment.

Doug Curry, Edinburgh Trams’ IT Manager, commented:

“We’re delighted to be able to work with the Turing Trust to make such a significant difference for so many people who are unable to access IT education for the first time.

“By giving our old equipment a second life, we’re also ensuring that a number of African communities have the resources they need to overcome barriers to employment and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.”

Chris Brown, Siemens’ Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Manager, commented:

“We at Siemens are so pleased that, following the upgrade to the systems within Edinburgh Trams’ Operations Control Centre, the hardware is able to be put to use to benefit students in Africa. This, and the fact that the equipment will not be sent to landfill, mean this donation represents a huge step forward in the protection of the planet.”

 As well as helping to reduce the impact of IT waste on the environment, Edinburgh Trams plays an essential role in minimising reliance on more carbon intense forms of transport by offering sustainable travel for thousands of local residents and tourists every day.

A Spokesperson at the Turing Trust said:

“Thanks to generous donation of IT equipment from Edinburgh Trams, we will be able to install further 21 PCs into African classrooms, enabling over 350 students to benefit from being able to learn vital IT skills.

“Beyond this, the environmental impact from Edinburgh Trams donation will offset 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent of planting 15 trees. The 65,940 MJ of energy savings would be able to power 340 TVs for a year too! Thank you very much again to Edinburgh Trams for this fantastic donation.”

Further details about the Turing Trust project can be found here.