Edinburgh Trams’ employees will wear festive jumpers to raise funds towards helping children get the food, healthcare, and education they need to take on the world.

From Drivers and Ticket Inspectors to office-based staff, the company is committed to supporting youngsters who find themselves in life-threatening situations.

The activity is run and organised by charity Save the Children which encourages everyone to donate £2 whilst putting on their jazziest Christmas jumpers on Friday 10 December.

Edinburgh Trams’ Managing Director Lea Harrison, said:

Many of our colleagues are already well and truly in the festive spirit and need no excuse to pull their eye-catching Christmas jumpers on, but there is a serious side to the fun.

We are proud to do what we can to help support important charities such as Save The Children and make a huge difference to the lives of those who need it.

This year the charity is focused on assisting children living in hunger-ravaged areas or refugee camps where the winter could be a fight for survival.

Anyone wanting to get involved can register at savethechildren.org.uk

Customers are also invited to share pictures of themselves on the tram in their Christmas jumpers on Edinburgh Trams’ Facebook page or Twitter feed.