TfE mtickets

Posted on Thursday, 6th September 2018 at 16:21

Edinburgh Trams would like to update our customers with the current position in respect of the problems that are being experienced by a small group of m-ticket users (less than 2%). We can only apologise for any inconvenience caused by our suppliers issue.

The app is provided by CoreThree, a key supplier to the major transport groups across the UK. We have been working very hard with them to ensure that they bring a speedy resolution to this matter for both ourselves and our customers. 

Until this matter is resolved we ask our customers to take note of the advice given below by our supplier and ensure that they have other means of payment with them for their journeys.  

Please see below the current position from CoreThree our m-ticket app provider:

"There are two streams of work currently in varying stages of progress to resolve this issue. We have and continue to implement planned measures which mitigate the risk of the system becoming overloaded and losing service for users. This does mean a degraded service is possible for some users during peak periods, as requests may not be accepted straight away. This does not mean that some users will be completely unable to use the app, but it does mean that their first attempt may not be successful and they may need to try again after 60 seconds. Our team are currently working with experts from Amazon Web Services to ensure that the system going forward is suitably equipped to handle the increased usage currently being experienced."

Advice to users:

• If possible, we advise customers to buy tickets outside of peak hours.
• If users are unable to connect, they should wait 60 seconds before the next attempt.
• We advise that they connect via a network connection rather than Wi-Fi.

We will continue to update customers through our social media feeds when we receive further information from CoreThree.