Ridacard Terms and Conditions

1. Use of Ridacard is subject to these terms.


1.1 The Ridacard scheme is promoted and operated by Transport for Edinburgh Limited, 55 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AZ.

1.2 Ridacards remain the property of Transport for Edinburgh at all times and Transport for Edinburgh reserves the right to withdraw the Ridacard at any time.

1.3 Drivers, Ticket Services Assistant and officials of Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams may inspect the Ridacard at any time.

1.4 A card issue fee (currently £3) is payable when a Ridacard is issued. Notice of any change to this fee will be posted in Travelshops and on the Transport for Edinburgh website.

1.5 It is the responsibility of the cardholder to notify Transport for Edinburgh of any change to their contact details. The cardholder must also ensure that the photograph on their card remains a recognisable true likeness. If required, a replacement card can be obtained on payment of the appropriate fee.

1.6 Ridacards are not transferable and will be withdrawn without refund if presented for travel by anyone other than the person whose photograph appears on it. An administration fee of £10 will be charged for the return of such cards, where the card has not been reported lost or stolen.


2. Use


2.1 Ridacards can be used for travel on all Lothian Buses day services and NightBus services, except Service 98 and Tours. Ridacards are valid across zones A & B only of service 113 – a Lothian Country Buses Ridacard is required to travel across all 3 zones.

2.2 Ridacards can be used for travel on Edinburgh Trams in both the Airport and City Fare Zones, but must be successfully validated on one of the Platform Validators at each tram stop, prior to boarding the tram. Passengers who have not validated their Ridacard before boarding must pay the Standard Fare of £10.

2.3 In case of difficulty, the cash fare for the journey should be paid and the card taken to a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop within two working days, where it can be checked and replaced if necessary. For weekly, four weekly and Annual Ridacards which have failed without any sign of visible damage, Transport for Edinburgh will load the replacement card with compensatory time up to a maximum of three days - no monetary refund will be paid in respect of any cash fares paid. For Direct Debit Ridacards which have failed without any sign of visible damage, Transport for Edinburgh will refund the cardholder with the value of the lowest cost equivalent on-bus tickets (e.g. DAYtickets) that have been purchased. Tickets must be retained as proof of purchase and only up to a maximum of three days travel will be refunded.

2.4 Transport for Edinburgh will withdraw any Ridacard which it believes has been tampered with or is being misused or has become illegible (see 1.5 above) or electronically unreadable.


3. Loss / Failure


3.1 Cardholders, or in the case of a Junior card the cardholder's parent or carer, must report loss or theft of the card or any technical failure in person at a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop where a replacement card with the same expiry date will normally be issued. The fee for a replacement card (currently £3) will be waived if the failed card is undamaged.

3.2 Once cancelled, Ridacards must NOT be re-used. Once a replacement card has been issued, only that replacement card must be used for travel or subsequent Ridacard purchases.


4. Refunds


4.1 To apply for a refund, the card must be returned to a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop.

4.2 Refunds on Advanced Purchase Annual Ridacards are paid in accordance with the published scale. The start date for the calculation of any refund will be the date when the card is returned to Transport for Edinburgh. Refunds are only available on Annual Ridacards.

4.3 For Direct Debit Ridacards, a refund of money paid but not required to pay for travel will be made. Any refund will be calculated from the date the Ridacard is returned to a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop, which must be at least five working days before the monthly payment date.  An administration fee of £25 will be deducted from any refund where a Direct Debit has been cancelled within 12 months of the date of issue. Please note that Direct Debit payments will continue, irrespective of Ridacard use, until either the Ridacard is returned to a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop, or the Direct Debit mandate is cancelled by you. Refunds of any Direct Debit overpayments will be made only upon written request and at Transport for Edinburgh’s discretion, up to a maximum of 6 months payments.

4.4 Refunds will be paid by cheque.

4.5 Correspondence related to Direct Debit payments, refunds and cardholder details can be e-mailed to: directdebit@lothianbuses.co.uk


5. Variation


5.1 Transport for Edinburgh reserve the right to vary these Terms and Conditions.


6. Privacy


6.1 Transport for Edinburgh securely processes personal information pertaining to Ridacards, in accordance with the latest Data Protection Act legislation.

6.2 For Ridacards, Transport for Edinburgh collects and processes the following personal information: title, name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, journey history associated with the card, a passport size photograph and, for Student Ridacards, the college or university attended.

6.3 For Direct Debit customers, the banking information required to establish and maintain your payment schedule will be securely processed by our partners, PayWizard plc, in accordance with PCI DSS standards. Transport for Edinburgh may also share your personal information with the police and other law enforcement agencies for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime, where required by law to do so. Otherwise, Transport for Edinburgh will not share your personal information with any other third parties without your prior consent.

6.4 Transport for Edinburgh uses the information of Ridacard holders for customer services and administration, fraud prevention. Journey information associated with Ridacards is used anonymously for research and statistical analysis.

6.5 Transport for Edinburgh will retain your information for the time that you have a Ridacard registered in your name.

6.6 Transport for Edinburgh may contact the registered cardholder from time to time with details of special offers or services. If you do not wish to receive these communications, you can opt out by ticking the relevant box on the Ridacard application form, or at any time by contacting us.


7. Direct Debit


 7.1 The Direct Debit initial payment is NOT a "deposit". The initial payment (currently £65) is used to pay for travel between the date of issue and receipt by Transport for Edinburgh of the first Direct Debit payment. Subject to 4.3 above, that part of the initial payment which is not used to pay for travel will be included in any refund due, after cancellation of the Direct Debit mandate.

 7.2 Direct Debit Ridacards are loaded with 5 years continuous validity, with  the expiry date shown on the bus ticket machine/platform validator display every time the card is used. Towards the end of that period, continuing Direct Debit customers should visit a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop to have the validity of the card extended. Ridacard validity and usage are not matched to Direct Debit payments – the card should be returned to a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop in order to cancel any Direct Debit.

7.3 It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure adequate funds are available when payment is requested. Should an attempt to collect the monthly amount due by Direct Debit be rejected, the account holder should contact Transport for Edinburgh, on 0131 348 7269, to arrange for immediate payment of the amount due. If the amount due is not paid in full before the calculated “valid to” date, the Ridacard will be cancelled. Where time permits, Transport for Edinburgh will write to account holders advising of a rejected attempt to collect payment.


8. Advance Purchase


8.1 Following initial card purchase, advance purchase 1 week and 4 week “top ups” can be purchased from PayPoint agents within the Transport for Edinburgh operating area.

8.2 Lothian Country Buses (formerly East Lothian Buses) Ridacards cannot be topped up at PayPoint agents – “top ups” for these cards can only be purchased at Transport for Edinburgh Travelshops

8.3 If a Ridacard is allowed to expire before being “topped up” with another one or four weeks, then the time purchased will not start until the card is used on one of our buses – this is called “activate on first use”. Alternatively, if a Ridacard is “topped up” before the current product expires, then the current expiry date will be extended by the amount of time purchased and the card will remain continuously valid throughout – the updated expiry date will be shown on your receipt.


9. Student & Junior Ridacards


9.1 Student Ridacards are only available to pupils of secondary schools in the Transport for Edinburgh operating area and to full-time students in possession of a currently valid photo-ID matriculation card from one of the following Universities and Colleges:

Edinburgh Napier University, Free Church of Scotland College, Heriot-Watt University, Newbattle Abbey College, Queen Margaret University Edinburgh, SRUC (formerly Scottish Agricultural College), The Edinburgh College (formerly Edinburgh’s Telford College, Jewel & Esk College and Stevenson College) and University of Edinburgh.

9.2 Student Ridacards will not be valid for travel beyond the expiry date of the matriculation card which must be presented at the time of purchase. Continued eligibility to purchase a Student Ridacard beyond that date will require the cardholder to repeat the above process by presenting their new matriculation card at a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop. Cardholders who are no longer eligible students must visit a Transport for Edinburgh Travelshop where any purchased time up to a maximum of 28 days will be transferred to a new Adult Ridacard. The balance of any time purchased over and above the first 28 days will be refunded by cheque. See also 7.2 for Direct Debit cardholders.

9.3 Junior Ridacards are available to passengers aged between 5 and 15 (Direct Debit - 14). Proof of age is required at time of purchase. Junior Ridacards are not valid for travel on or after the cardholder's 16th birthday. See also 7.2 for Direct Debit cardholders.