Tram meets bus in St Andrew Sq to show off new look

Posted on Tuesday, 17th December 2013 at 12:19

A newly liveried tram made its way to St Andrew Square tram stop today where Edinburgh Trams, Lothian Buses and Transport for Edinburgh unveiled their new brand.  Tram drivers and other operational staff were in the uniforms they’ll wear when passengers start using the service in May.

Our sister company, Lothian Buses, is also having its vehicles updated as part of an ongoing process to align the fleet to the new look.

Today also marks the handover of a 2.1km section of track between Gogar Tram depot and Edinburgh Park Station.  This means that nearly 5km of track is now in the hands of the Council, meaning that Edinburgh Trams can now make full use of the section for driver training.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, Transport Convener and Chair of Transport for Edinburgh, said:

“With full line testing underway and the trams now ready for service, everyone involved is completely focused on service launch in May. The new look has been developed in a way that reflects the integrated nature of the services offered and when trams get up and running I think customers will see the benefits."

Ian Craig, Chief Executive of Transport for Edinburgh, said:

“Edinburgh’s love affair with its public transport system stretches back over 140 years and Transport for Edinburgh is the next evolutionary step to provide the City’s residents and visitors with the best possible integrated transport service.  Within Lothian Buses we continually look at future technologies, be they environmental innovations with our fleet or looking at new ticketing options to provide our passengers with more choice.   

“Transport for Edinburgh is a fantastic opportunity to join bus and tram operations together giving the capital the successful transport system that will be the envy of other cities.  Our vision for Transport for Edinburgh is simple; to provide world class, environmentally and socially inclusive transport, that will be an integral part of the future success of Edinburgh and the Lothians."