Ross Fountain






Ross Fountain

5 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

The Ross Fountain is situated in Princes Street Gardens and has the most incredible view of Edinburgh Castle behind it. The Fountain was restored back in 2018 and was repainted in blue and gold making it beautiful during the day and at night.

Top tip: Long exposure is perfect here to capture the flowing water from the fountain – especially at night.​

The Vennel






The Vennel (Grassmarket)

13 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

The Vennel is a hidden gem just off the Grassmarket, offering great views of Edinburgh Castle. The Vennel is a great spot during the day and at night when the castle is fully lit.

Top tip: Visit at night for some beautiful shots of the old fashioned street lamps that line the street

Calton Hill





Calton Hill

11 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

Calton Hill not only provides amazing views of the city but it also lets you escape the hustle and bustle of the city whilst you’re up there. You can see all around Edinburgh and can achieve so many different kind of shots here. There are a few monuments up Calton Hill which include The Nelson Monument, The National Monument of Scotland and The Dugald Stewart Monument. Perfect location for capturing the sun setting over Edinburgh.

Top tip: If you have a zoom lens you can achieve some great shots of the city’s attractions from Calton Hill. The most popular shot is one facing down Princes Street capturing the Balmoral clock tower, The Scott Monument and a few other attractions too!

Scott Monument





Scott Monument

5 minute walk from Princes Street and St Andrew Square tram stops

The Scott Monument located in Princes Street Gardens was built in 1844 in honour of the famous Scottish writer, poet and playwright Sir Walter Scott. The monument itself is really nice to photograph but you can climb the 267 steps to the top and you can achieve some great shots of the city. The top of the monument also provides great views of our tram line!

Top Tip: The Scott Monument is lit at night which makes a great focal point for some night time pictures along Princes Street.

Victoria Street






Victoria Street

8 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

Victoria Street heading towards the Grassmarket is a vibrant, colourful, cobbled street filled with all types of shops and restaurants. The street was apparently the inspiration behind Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series which when you see it you will understand why.

Top tip: Head along Victoria Terrace for a view of the street from above!

Dean Village Sunset





Dean Village

10 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

Dean Village known as the ‘Water of Leith village’ is a very picturesque spot for photographers. With the water of Leith flowing through the village, there are so many different photographs that can be achieved here. The colourful buildings mixed with the old architecture gives it a very whimsical feel, making you forget you are in the heart of Edinburgh.

Top tip: Be sure to move around and capture the buildings and the water of Leith from different angles. There are a few little bridges that can provide some different perspectives of the village too.

Circus Lane





Circus Lane

12 minute walk from Princes Street tram stop

Circus Lane is one of the most popular streets in Edinburgh and with the cobbled streets and beautiful brick houses you can see why! Circus Lane is especially nice during spring/summer as the residents of the street have potted plants and hanging baskets outside their houses. St Stephen’s Church overlooks the street and makes a great background feature in the street photographs. It’s especially popular on Instagram being one of the most photographed streets in Edinburgh.

Top tip: There is no parking allowed here on the street on weekdays so choose your days wisely if you don’t want any cars in your shot! (Please remember this is a residential area so be respectful there).​


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