Decided it’s time to do your bit for climate change? Here is everything you need to know about using Edinburgh Trams to and from a major event at BT Murrayfield.


There might be one or two other people using the tram that day - 40,000 in fact. So, services to and from Murrayfield Stadium tram stop will be extremely busy. Please allow extra time to travel. If you have a disability or are travelling with young children, please consider how different the experience may be from a regular day.


That electricity doesn’t pay for itself so please purchase your ticket, validate your smart card or activate your mticket before boarding the tram. We will have Ticket Sellers at key platforms up to three hours before the event to assist. We strongly recommend purchasing return tickets to save you time and money.


We know that little ticket takes up lots of room in your pocket but please do not throw it away. A gate line will be in place at Murrayfield Stadium tram stop where ticket checks are in place. If you lose your ticket, please contact a Ticket Seller on the platform.


By all means enjoy the bars but try to remember where you came from. After the event, a queuing system will be in place. Join the right hand queue for all city bound services including York Place, St Andrew Square (for Waverley), Princes Street, West End and Haymarket. Join the left hand queue for all Airport bound services including Ingliston Park & Ride, Gogarburn, Edinburgh Gateway, Gyle Centre, Edinburgh Park, Bankhead, Saughton and Balgreen. There is a priority queue beside the elevator for all eligible customers.


Unless you’re calling Dad’s Taxis, you’ll need payment to get home unless you were smart and bought a return ticket. So, once again, please purchase your ticket, validate your smart card or activate your mticket before boarding the tram. Otherwise, the £10 on board fare will apply. To purchase a ticket, please contact a Ticket Seller on the stairs. There is also one ticket machine in the Airport queue and one in the priority queue. To validate your smart card, there are validators on the platform and there is one in the city bound queue. To activate your mticket, QR codes can be found in the tram stop shelters.


We don’t need to see how big and strong you are so please don’t break the barrier system. It’s essential for the queues which are highly likely after the event. We will double the service frequency to an average of every 3.75 minutes - the maximum the system can support. However, the capacity of each tram is 250. That’s a maximum of 8,000 customers per hour. BT Murrayfield has a capacity of over 67,000. That’s a lot of trams!


We love you, we really do but if you all chose to travel back by tram it would take us over eight hours to get you on your way. If you do not want to queue or don’t like the feeling of a busy environment, there are other options available to you. Buses and taxis operate from Westfield Road and Roseburn Terrace. You can also walk to Haymarket in approximately 15 minutes.

8.    BE KIND

It’s probably cold, wet and windy but our colleagues and third party stewards are all doing their best to get you moving as safely and as efficiently as possible. Physical and verbal assaults towards us and your fellow customers is not helpful. We hope you enjoyed the event, enjoy the ride home too.

By following these rules, you will help us to ensure everyone has a safe, efficient and customer focused experience. Plus we’ll get less complaints which makes us happy.
To find out more, please feel free to contact our super friendly Customer Relations team.
One more thing, we cannot accept the carriage of bikes on event days. However, for any keen beans, there is a Just Eat Cycles station on Roseburn Street.