Wed, 30/09/2020 - 15:11

As part of National Customer Service Week, and with today’s theme being ‘Trust, Ethics & Sustainability’, we'd like to tell you about of our Mission, Vision and Values as they are more important to us now than ever before.

Our mission is to be a safe, reliable and customer focused service delivering the best for the people of Edinburgh and its visitors. To live our values and act as ambassadors for Scotland’s capital.

Our vision is to be an integral part of the future success of Edinburgh and the Lothians by providing world-class, environmentally-friendly and socially-inclusive transport.

Our values summarise the attitudes, behaviours and characteristics that we require and expect of every colleague to ensure our continued success; for each of us, for our customers and for our stakeholders.

Our values define an organisation’s personality, the culture of a business, how we behave, how we perform our duties, how we treat each other as well as how we treat those outside the company. It is not what we do, values are very much about how we do things.

Our values are partly our natural culture, developed over many years, but also partly an aspiration of the culture we strive to create and develop.

Our values play a role in how we recruit, how we train, how we reward and how we manage. They are actively encouraged to become the defined personality of Edinburgh Trams.

We believe that if we are true to our values, our organisation can look forward to even greater success and, as importantly, each of us will feel ever more proud, satisfied and happy in our work. Our values are:

•    Trusted | We behave in a way that encourages trust from others. We have faith in our colleagues.
•    Innovative | We solve problems. We continually look to improve.
•    Passionate | We care. We act.
•    Smart | We make logical and intelligent decisions.