Dinosaur Exhibition

Fri, 17/01/2020 - 08:49

Dinosaurs have come back to life in a new video to promote the National Museum of Scotland’s latest exhibition Tyrannosaurs.

The trailer shows Guanlong, a recently discovered early species of feathered tyrannosaur from China.  On arrival at Edinburgh Airport Guanlong decides to buy a ticket and take the tram into the city centre making its way up the Mound to the Old Town and, finally the National Museum of Scotland to be greeted by a member of staff.

Lea Harrison, Managing Director, Edinburgh Trams said:


“We don’t normally let dinosaurs on board but given Guanlong was in a hurry we made the exception.  Tyrannosaurs is set to be fantastic exhibition, and Edinburgh Trams is thrilled to be working with the National Museum of Scotland to get visitors there.”


Dr Stig Walsh, Senior Curator of Paleobiology at National Museums Scotland said:


“Excitement is growing at the arrival of Tyrannosaurs next week at the National Museum of Scotland. As this fun trailer shows, not all Tyrannosaurs were big lumbering beasts. Guanlong wucai, the ‘star’ of the film, is the first dinosaur you’ll see on entering the exhibition. Its name means ‘crowned dragon’ and it was discovered in China. It lived nearly 100 million years before T.rex. It’s much smaller, its arms are proportionally longer, it had a prominent head crest and, as may have been the case with many or perhaps even all tyrannosaurs, it probably had feathers.”

The most comprehensive exhibition ever mounted on tyrannosaurs will make its only European appearance when it opens at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh on 23 January 2020. Created by the Australian Museum and toured by Flying Fish, Tyrannosaurs will explore the most feared and revered of all dinosaurs, bringing the latest palaeontological discoveries to life and challenging preconceptions about these ferocious predators.

The exhibition will feature rare fossil specimens, cast skeletons including one of ‘Scotty’, one of the largest and most complete T. rex skeletons in the world, and incredible models of feathered dinosaurs, including Guanlong.

Follow Guanlong and take the tram to the see the exhibition running from 24 January to 4 May.