Wi-Fi on our trams

How do I connect to the Wi-Fi?

Once you have boarded the tram follow your device’s instructions for connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot. The process can differ between device manufacturers and operating systems so make sure you’re familiar with how to do this before connecting.

Look for the hotspot called “Free Tram Wi-Fi”. Agree to the Terms and Conditions by ticking the box then click Connect, and that’s it!

How does the Free Wi-Fi work?

A mobile data signal (3G/4G etc) is received by the onboard Router. The Router then broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal within the tram which our passengers can connect to and access the internet. The service is provided free of charge to all Edinburgh Trams passengers.

Please note - if Wi-Fi is unavailable or you are unable to use the Wi-Fi for any reason, please be aware that there is no refund available. Free Wi-Fi is offered as a complimentary benefit and is not the core element of travel on our tram service. That said if you have any problems or have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Services team with your feedback.

Use of Edinburgh Trams Free Wi-Fi is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Tell me more…

In principle, it works much in the same way as a mobile phone and at times and in certain circumstances, can be subject to the same difficulties that a mobile phone may encounter. Variables such as tall buildings or structures, thick walled buildings, geographic features like hills or dips, weather conditions, temperatures, electrical or radio interference and the number of mobile devices connected to a cell tower or the router itself can result in differing user experiences or levels of service.


We aim to offer a broadly consistent user experience no matter how many devices are connected to our Free Wi-Fi. In order to do this we make sure every device will connect at up to the same maximum download and upload speeds, and are subject to a set data quota per day. Don’t worry though, if you reach the data limit you’ll still be able to use the Free Wi-Fi, just not as fast as before. The effect is only temporary as the data counter is reset daily.