How are we doing?

At Edinburgh Trams, we believe in providing the best possible service we can and keeping you informed on how we're doing.

We also want to make sure we're keeping track of how things are changing and keep you regularly updated on what we're doing to improve performance and customer service. You can review our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) highlights below and download our full report, as well as future reports as we add them.

Latest KPI highlights


Excellent result taking us back upwards to 97.3% even with one special event in the period.


Incident outwith our control in the period effected our ability to arrive and depart within set timescales.

Fast, smooth and efficient. An easy, convenient way to travel from city to airport – Janet Wells Jones, Facebook


Journeys completed without a break in the journey in Period 03 returning back to almost 100%.


Journeys completed without a break in the journey in Period 04.


Passengers carried in Period 3 2017. This is 17.3% above same period in 2016.


Passengers carried in Period 4 2017. This is  23.5% above same period in 2016.


Latest Mystery Shopper score - New Qtr 1 - 2017 score. Highest score ever representing excellent customer satisfaction.

Your trams are nice and clean, keep up the good work.

Our trams undergo a rigorous cleaning regime each evening. We have enhanced this period with an "Internal" deep clean and "External" hand wash and polish to keep our trams looking and feeling fresh for your comfort and journey experience

Previous KPI reports

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