Tram access

We want to make travel on our trams as easy as possible for everyone.

Tram stops accessed via gently sloping ramps or lifts make getting to the platform straightforward. And every one of our modern, low-floored trams is 100% wheelchair accessible.

All trams feature:

  • Low entrances throughout the vehicle
  • High visibility handrails
  • Two dedicated wheelchair / buggy spaces per tram
  • Dedicated disabled priority seats
  • Passenger alert buttons signposted in Braille for blind and partially sighted tram users

Wheelchair users

When using our trams, please:

  • enter the middle carriage, which has dedicated disabled access – a wheelchair symbol on the tram stop platform indicates where to wait
  • park in the wheelchair space, with the back of the wheelchair facing the wheelchair cushion
  • apply the brake
  • ring the bell when you want to leave the tram, so the driver can give you extra time to do so


Up to 2 bicycles may be carried on the Company’s trams on all off peak services. This excludes Monday to Friday 07:30 – 09:30 & 16:00-18:30 hours. In addition, bicycles are not permitted throughout the Edinburgh International Festival in August or any pre-publicised events.

Once on board, bicycles users must follow instructions given to them by a Company official.

Mobility scooters

From 1st January 2016, tram passengers will be able to carry mobility scooters on board tram services. To ensure the safe operation of mobility scooters, a permit scheme has been introduced. There are two disabled priority bays per tram and carriage of mobility scooters is at the discretion of Edinburgh Trams staff. For full details of the permit scheme, please download the mobility scooter trial leaftlet here

Do I qualify? If you hold a valid Scottish National Entitlement Card (SNEC) or a Disabled Person's Blue Badge parking permit you are eligible to apply for a permit. The application form is available to download here. If you are unsure and would like to check if you qualify, please contact Customer Services on 0131 475 0177.

How to apply: Once you have completed the application form, please bring it to a Travelshop where we will assess your mobility scooter and ensure that you are able to manoeuvre it in a safe manner. Please note: Waverley Bridge is our most accessible Travelshop. The assessment will ensure your mobility scooter meets the following criteria:

  • Class 2 mobility scooter
  • maximum 600mm wide
  • maximum 1,000mm long
  • maximum 1,200mm turning radius

For more information please download our guide to recognising eligible mobility scooters here

Upon successful assessment of your mobility scooter your permit will be processed and posted directly to your home address free of charge within 10 working days. The permit will take the form of a pass that should be presented to the Ticketing Services Assistant on board your tram.

Download our guide to travelling by tram with your mobility scooter here.

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Edinburgh has a fleet of 27 modern and 100% wheelchair accessible trams built by Spanish manufacturer CAF.

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