Be safe

Trams, road users and pedestrians share streets safely in cities all over the world. Nevertheless, the arrival of Edinburgh’s new trams may take a bit of getting used to. 

We’ve put together these tips to help keep the city’s residents and visitors safe around trams.

You can also see further safety advice from City of Edinburgh Council on their website.

Look around you

Trams are much quieter than other vehicles. You may not be able to hear a tram approach until it’s very close. Make sure you look as well as listen for traffic.

Don't cover your ears

Wearing headphones? On the phone? It can be tricky to hear trams even without your ears covered. Keep looking around you to remain aware of trams and other road vehicles at all times.

Don't gamble

Use pedestrian crossings and wait for the green man before you cross, as trams follow rails and so can’t swerve to avoid obstacles, although the driver can stop a tram quickly in an emergency.

Give trams space

Trams are wider than the tracks they run on. They’re also much, much longer than other road vehicles – each tram measures more than 40 metres in length. All of which means you need to allow trams more space when they’re going round a corner.

Take care around tram tracks

Take extra care when crossing wet or icy tram tracks on foot. When cycling, always cross tram tracks at as close to a 90-degree angle as possible

Frequently asked questions

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Edinburgh has a fleet of 27 modern and 100% wheelchair accessible trams built by Spanish manufacturer CAF.

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