Driver Innovation Safety Challenge

A health risk detection and alert system.

What is the Driver Innovation Safety Challenge?

A significant cause for dramatic incidents in rail and bus networks is driver health. Accidents can often be linked to two aggravating factors: fatigue and illnesses resulting in reduced cognitive awareness, loss of consciousness or paralysis at the wheel.

In order to ensure the safety of passengers on its networks, Edinburgh Trams and the City of Edinburgh Council are looking for a solution to monitor and analyze various biometrics to pre-emptively identify the main typologies of illnesses resulting in loss of focus, consciousness or paralysis and identify the fatigue levels of a driver which could similarly create conditions for loss of capacity.

Why participate in the Challenge?

Edinburgh Trams’ Driver Innovation Safety Challenge is funded by the Can Do Innovation Challenge Fund. Companies selected to be part of the challenge will receive:

  • Up to £168 000 in funding with a minimum of 50 per cent of the fund award for research and development.
  • Full rights to retain and exploit any IP developed during the challenge.
  • The ability to build their customer base by pitching in front of Transport for Edinburgh and UK Tram executives.

A contract with Edinburgh Trams for the deployment of the solution will be awarded to the winner of the challenge.

The first DISC information event will be held at the City Chambers on Monday 1 October at 1.30pm. The second, also at the City Chambers, will take place at 5.30pm on Monday 8 October.  

What will you see during this event?

This event has 3 objectives:

1. Present the challenge

Discover the structure and technical requirements of the challenge (casing, data storage and security, …).

2. Help you improve your application

From the application process to ICT constrains, ask your questions to a panel of experts.

3. Facilitate networking

The challenge winner will be a company/consortia with a team including health and tech profiles. Use this opportunity to network and strengthen your application.

Places can be booked via Eventbrite for the events on 1 October and 8 October.

For more information, please check out Public Contract Scotland's website or read our news story.

Companies can register their interest in the challenge on Public Contracts Scotland.

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